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 Posted: Sat May 24th, 2014 07:03 am
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Yep, I finally was able to get a start the Clear Creek project this week, with today having my first real progress. I tried several different designs for the module, to see which fit the best...

And I found that the first design was the best of all for weight, to size, to practicality. I've also pretty much threw out the idea of modular pieces, instead I've decided on a sectional layout which will start small, but I can add to it at any time. So sorry for anyone who was hoping for a true modular layout in Fn3, but this design suits me best so I have to go with that. I will still explore other option for the benefit of anyone following the blog.

Today I got the basic frame for the first section done, and and I also marked where the track will go on this section Finally, I also glued down and roughly cut out the foam board base. Costs so far are running about $50 for each module ($10 in lumber, $40 in foam board). I think I'll be doing pretty good if I can keep my budget to around $100 a module for scenery, buildings, and track. I'm not buying anything pre-built or kit built, I'm scratch building and scrounging for most materials. Shout out to Joey Ricard, I'm re-watching some of his youtube videos and will be trying some of his techniques. Just thought I should give credit where it's due.

Anyway, I'll shut up now and let the photos speak for themselves:

I'll have more tomorrow as I take a look at buildings and pictures of Forks Creek via an Internet database I found of C&S photos.


James W.

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