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 Posted: Wed Sep 17th, 2014 04:23 am
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Okay, yes, updates, still got to get on that. First work now school's in the way. When will the vicious cycle end? Probably when I'm 6 feet underground.

Anyway, I had a couple questions about motive power...

It seems to me that with the tight turns, and light rail; larger locomotives weren't allowed up Clear Creek. The B class 2-8-0's seem too big. That leaves the smaller 2-6-0 moguls to the task of running on clear creek correct? And of those locomotives, only engine #9 seems to have survived to the present day. Where is #9 currently at? I'd love to take pictures of her and get more information.

In large scale, the Bachmann 2-6-0 doesn't look right to me, it doesn't have the correct profile (boiler is too small, cab is too high up, wrong front end, etc... In fact, it looks like the old LGB moguls are the only thing out there that resemble the 2-6-0 locomotives. Any other manufacturers of 2-6-0's in G scale?

Finally, rolling stock. Was it mostly 30 ft cars? It would appear so, since the surviving Georgetown Loop has a curve with only a 300' diameter!

Any help, links, or sources would be appreciated.

James W.

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