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 Posted: Sun Oct 26th, 2014 10:58 pm
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Getting photos of #1 grandchild can be difficult. She has a special place in Grandpa's heart. Her daddy was in Afghanistan when she was born, with my daughter living with us. Lots of naps together in Grandpa's chair.

The day after her 4th birthday she was diagnosed with leukemia. The cancer has been beaten. She is now eight and, except for a bunch of allergies left over from the chemo, she is healthy.

Why is it difficult to get a good photo? We call her Tornado Tillie (her name is Tillie). She is almost always in motion and poses whenever a camera is pointed her way.

I grabbed this by setting my camera on the table and just shooting away, hoping for a good one. I still had to crop it a lot. There is a water bottle just outside the frame on the right.


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