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 Posted: Tue Nov 4th, 2014 02:54 am
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Yes Reg-- Heavy interurban. so all rails are grounded, and pantographs are used for collection. Couple non electric locos are battery power, radio control.

The two outstanding O scale modelers were Bill Hoffman. and Bill Clouser. Hoffman was on the West coast and built a model of near every car that the Sacramento Northern had. Not every class, every CAR! Worked in wood.

Clouser was in Illinois, and worked almost exclusively in Strathmore board - which is a dense smooth hard surfaced artists board. Think high class poster board. Still available in artist supply and some craft stores (Michaels, for one) but only in the thinner "weights''. Built at least one 1/2'' scale interurban--a C&LE ''Red Devil'' for the Smithsonian. Most of his models were of Illinois Traction equipment, and he was a pioneer in casting epoxy car shells in 1/48--40' steel boxcar, and  North Shore passenger cars--- for sale.

Clouser is probably who you are thinking of, as I would think that Hoffman was before your time.


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