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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2014 12:06 am
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I waited for years to get this book...well, it did take a while but I have wanted such a book for almost 50 years! Many of you may know elminero here on Freerails, that is Duane Ericson. Duane has written two of my favorite books, one is highlighted here and the other will be later on. SILVER CITY NARROW GAUGE is the only book devoted to this obscure and forgotten narrow gauge (2 footer) railroad and contains all of the available photos and information. The Silver City, Pinos Altos, & Mogollon RR only operated for 2 years-1905 to 1907 but is remembered as being one of the west's only two footers; the other is the Gilpin Tramway. What can I say about this one? Well, I dismantled my Mogollon Railway and am building the SCPA&M in my living room and this book is my "guidebook" for what may just be my "final frontier". The layout will be the subject of a new thread here and I wil show it's construction-warts and all.

But this book is the subject here. Just 72 pages but it has everything known about this mostly unknown line. What more can a devoted narrow gauger ask for? Shays (two came from the Gilpin Tramway), ore cars, a beautiful and funky caboose like no other, trestles, twisty track, grades, mines, and one of the largest smelters in the SW USA. Matter of fact, the Santa Fe brought in ore to be smelted at this operation. Yes, you need, WANT this book. Google it and find a copy. ABE BOOKSELER has one right now and it is well above the published price. You might PM Duane here and see if he has any more copies in his vault, you might be lucky.

As Abby Hoffman said in the 1960's-"Steal this book!"...I say "BUY THIS BOOK".

***I have no financial stake in Duane's works, I am just a narrow gauge nut***


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