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 Posted: Sat Nov 8th, 2014 11:53 pm
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I am "starting over" for the umpteen time with another layout but this one is "it". Some may remember the old Mogollon Railway shown here on Freerails, what was supposed to be my "forever" layout. But things change and this time it will be for the way better. No longer unrestrained in the outdoors, this time I am using my living room to house the Gila Rim area of New Mexico. Maybe not as large as before but better because it will represent all the things I have learned from many years of playing with and building model railroads...narrow gauge in particular. Freelancing has been the cornerstone of my efforts for a long, long time but now I will try to replicate an obscure and almost forgotten railroad as best as I can. Yes, I am following a prototype this time; one that I have loved and cherished (??) for more than half my lifetime.

My Mogollon Railway operated what was really rolling stock from the Silver City, Pinos Altos, & Mogollon RR and after I dismantled the layout, this is what I had to work with. The "job" was half done to begin with, I just needed a layout to be able to run the locos and cars upon. Simple idea. Most everybody here would consider an indoor layout to be the way to go, why would someone build a "small scale", detail oriented operating railroad outside. At the time, I had no alternative. No space to build a layout inside, just a back yard  with all the problems Mother Nature could supply. The years of writing about my adventures are related here on Freerails and I won't bore everybody with the particulars here. So, here now is the story of how the Phoenix is rising in the comfort of a living room.

I will relate some history of the SC, PA, & M as this thread rolls on. But I thought some would like to see what I obsessed about and what I am doing about that obsession.

Here is the photo that fired me up as a teenager (just a coupe of years ago). This is "hairpin curve" on the SC, PA, &M with cabless Shay #4, some ore cars, and their wonderful little caboose.  I first saw this photo in Fredric Shaw's "Little Railways of the World" back about 1960 or so. It has appeared several times in several places-this one is part of an article Keith Pashina wrote for the NG&SLG (Gazette) and it is also shown in Duane Ericson's "Silver City Narrow Gauge" book (reviewed here on Freerails-the book thread). This photo is credited to Steve Westrum. Anyway, this is what got me all fired just gotta love it!

And here is what I am starting the layout with-"hairpin curve". This view is simiar to the real one shown above. Built on blue 2" styrofoam with a 17" radius curve, there's a cut out shown where the small trestle will be. Of course I don't have the room to replicate the approaches to this but will do the best I can. This peninsula is 4 by 5 feet and the rest of the layout will be attached to the walls of the living room. The line will continue over the fireplace mantel, past the windows, on to some mines (also built from prototype photos). The living room will still be useable for lounging and watching TV (the back shown) which can be moved around to suit. There is another unusual practice (for me), the use of cork roadbed to support the handlaid track. When I have drawn a better track plan, I will post it so the track plan can be seen properly. Across from this peninsula is the Commanche smelter the right of this, with a 4 foot walkway between the pieces. This makes the living room very "intimate" and has the seal of approval by my train buddies and my sweetie Pam. What could be any better?!

Well, here it is. There will be plenty more to show.   

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