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 Posted: Sun Nov 9th, 2014 11:29 pm
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Back to work! I thought some might like to see what is under "hairpin curve".

The curve peninsula sits on top of this nice old display case which will show off the equipment that I can't (or won't) use on the SCPA&M. This case was shortened about 12" by cutting off it's legs...making it just the right height! Clean up still to be done but you get the general idea. The peninsula is strengthened with a 1" by 2" pine frame and is held up on the other end by a 2" by 2" cleat attached to the wall. Why of course, a level was used to make sure all this is right and it is strong enough to...hold up a railroad.
The facia is tempered Masonite and will be painted to match the display case/bookcases used as support.

Here's a view of the case itself. I installed LED lights and will re-do the shelves. The kitchen is to the left (more mess) and a lift out section will go across the doorway to more layout.

I am using a pair of great old timey bookcases with fold down glass to support the smelter right across the room, a 4 foot walkway separates it and the dispay case/peninsula. I couldn't have found anything better than these pieces of furniture. They are the right height and when the layout facia is painted, the layout will have a "finished" look. Just what I want for a living room.

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