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 Posted: Mon Nov 10th, 2014 01:00 am
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Hi Woodie

Looking good !

I like the model display case.

No doubt this will be revealed in due course...

...but thought I'd ask.

Your trackwork on the Moggy, had an amazingly...

...I was gonna say 'realistic' look to it...

...but that aint kinda what I mean.

In the photos, it just looked VERY 'right' !

Now you're 'strict proto.'... the new track laying going to have a different 'look'...

...or was the Moggy's based on what you know of the Silver City track ?

It might seem like a strange thing to say...

...but on some layouts, I hardly even notice the track.

I'm guessing lumber was at a premium there... they musta told the dudes to space the ties out a bit !

I'm sure it'll be great however/whatever you do.

Looks like with the major grade laying going on 'down South'...

...we wont have long to wait before a few rails are spiked !

All the best.




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