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 Posted: Tue Nov 11th, 2014 04:13 pm
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Thanks Duane for this and the "roundhouse" info. Amazingly, the track layout I came up with is pretty much what you have shown here. I wish that I could use the entire living room for the smelter but "common sense" dictates that I don't. The 2 foot tracks will be there and probably one SF track (so I can have a standard gauge car as "scenery"). The enginehouse will have to be 5 bays but will have the "lines" of the 7 stall one. The machine shop may get shortened a bit and have an open side (aisle side) to show off all the cool machinery I have collected and not gotten to use. That dual gauge line to the power plant may be what has thrown me in the photo of #2 at the machine shop and tracks going past it. I could never figure out where the "extra" rail came I got an idea.
Again, thanks for the great info. I just want this to be as "right" as I can get it.

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