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 Posted: Tue Nov 25th, 2014 08:54 am
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My interest in the two foot gauge railroads in Maine started with reading "The Maine Two Footers" by Linwood Moody. Mr. Moody briefly review the history of each of the five lines which ran in Maine. There is also information on the short-lived predecessor railroad in Massachusetts. The book also has brief references to other North American two foot gauge railroads in Mexico and in the Rocky Mountain regions near the Denver & Rio Grande Western three foot line.

Published in 1959, this is still a worthwhile reference incorporating photos and some maps of each of the Maine lines.

The other standard introduction is to the Sandy River And Rangeley Lakes Railroad written by H. Temple Crittenden titled "Maine Scenic Route". This work covers the largest of the Maine two foot gauge lines and in addition to photos and maps, also includes some plans for rolling stock and locomotives.

If your interest is in the Maine two foot railroads, both of these books are contenders for space on the reference shelf.

Kent K
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