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 Posted: Sun Nov 30th, 2014 03:34 pm
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W C Greene

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Howdy Kent...I do understand about being retired and on a limited budget. Back a few years when I had a job, I built On30 for fun and a bit of profit. Then at some point, I learned that I could take those On30 Bachmann Shays and Porters and build slightly larger cabs and have exactly what I wanted...two foot gauge locos! Yep, using available and less expensive 1:35 scale military figures (carved up and civillian-ified) and other supplies, a nice two footer could be had. Guess what? Military figures, etc. are a whole lot cheaper than stuff made for "model railroad" use!
Since you like Maine 2 footers, consider "upscaling" a Bachmann Forney, building rolling stock from scratch (Bm On30 trucks are pretty much right on for 1:35n2), and having fun building that toothpick mill and Strong station.
Yes, I am advocating changing scales, but most HO and On30 items can be used and a lot of fun can be had building things that few others have!
Just my two cents worth, everybody here knows that I don't say very much...yeah, right.


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