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 Posted: Mon Dec 1st, 2014 08:23 pm
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What fun am I having! Some smelter trackage has been laid and it has been a know. First, a photo of the real thing.

From Duane Ericson's book SILVER CITY NARROW GAUGE, here's a bit of dual gauge at the SC (Commanche) smelter. The standard gauge is AT&SF and runs in the middle of this photo. On the right, behind #2, is the machine shop and on the left is the foundary track with a narrow gauge coal car spotted there. Many times I have wondered what the extra rail was for (middle of photo) with a guard rail. Duane informed me that there "may have been" a dual guage siding to the power plant (behind the machine shop) and then this "extra rail" made sense. Dual gauge 24" and 56 1/2". How cool! Then, I knew that I had to model it...

OK, it's rough as an outhouse corn cob but it works...and that's all that matters. I don't have the room (nor inclination) to build a bunch of dual gauge trackage but since I swore (still swearing) to build as close as possible to the prototype, it just had to be done. The SC narrow gauge is laid with code 83 (small rail on the left, and the AT&SF has relatively small code 125 for this siding. Going from 83 to 125 wasn't the problem...the problem was that the larger rail takes some WORK to bend and grind (frogs, etc) and let me assure you, it liked to have ate my lunch!!! #5 is sitting on the siding to the machine shop (future) and the dual gauge runs to the power plant/coal dump where it is assumed (an ass of you and me?) that the SC's tiny Shays could be fueled. The narrow gauge begins the dual gauge on the left, and this will be the extent of such trackage.

Aside much track to be laid, buildings to be built, wiring to, there's no wiring thank goodness!, I still need to build a 1:35 scale standard gauge open gondola with AT&SF markings. Holy cow, will it never end? I hope not.

I will try to answer any questions about this, I wrote at the outset that this thread would show warts & all!

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