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 Posted: Mon Dec 22nd, 2014 12:19 pm
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I was a DCC naysayer for years, a real humbug approach to the concept, after all I had a good DC handheld and I knew cab control.

Then I bought my first DCC outfit, a Lenz Compact and was it bad. For those who have avoided this awful controller, it came with an ERR 9 for the unwary that needed a five step reset procedure. Unfortunately Lenz failed to insert this in the handbook.

So, armed with a bad experience, I was really anti-DCC until one day a nice lady at the Roco stand offered to show me the Roco MultiMaus - what a wonderful person. The main selling feature was glitch-free because it was designed for children to use, I bought a complete set of control from the nice lady at a bargain price of about $50 (ex boxed set) and I was sold.

The standard Roco set is a handheld, leads, transformer and CPU, it doesn't read CV's but I have never found to be an issue and 15 years later I still use the same outfit except the CPU has been replaced with a Lenz LZV100 but in reality, I didn't need to upgrade because I still use the old CPU for programming.

In Roco's case cheap isn't cheap, it is merely very well priced because it works period. No other needs to be made except it now runs my 1:45 trains (I started with HO) and I have looked at (and tried) systems that are four times the cost and I still stick with the MultiMaus.

Finally, when I first visited expos in Germany everyone ran Lenz and used their handhelds, now I see the little red handhelds everywhere.

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Tim H
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