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 Posted: Fri Jan 2nd, 2015 02:36 pm
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It was what I was brought up on, Martin. When I was 14 at the local club, the old boys used it and it was a revelation to me. I've used it ever since, but it's getting more difficult to find. You have to go to pharmaceutical suppliers for it.
There is a section of British scenic people who stick it fur down then rip off the backing!
Crazy waste of time and material. Stick it cloth side down, that way you don't lose any fur. Colour it with matt enamel or emulsion paints, then tease it all up with a suede brush when the paint's set. For larger areas the old boys used to dye it, but I can't be messing with al that faff when there's always paint around. You can trim it with an old electric shaver or scissors, or you can flatten it into sheep runs and footpaths with a model car wheel on a stick.
I like the way it can be combed over the edges of paths and roads. Matt varnish or cheap hairspray will fix it, but I've never bothered with that and it's stayed fine. That sea wall scene above was the work of an evening and was done 20-odd years ago.


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