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 Posted: Fri Jul 28th, 2006 05:14 pm
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CopperValleySouthern wrote: SO TG, whats goin on with the trains?

Trains are on the backburner....................decided on Go Fast stuff Chris.:D

A point to point logging layout is still a possibility but not yet!!


1/32 scale digital racing............its not for the faint of heart. Digital Lane changing, Power braking, this is definitly NOT your old Aurora HO slot car set :moose:


Especially the first time someone loses control at 150 scale mph with your 70.00 Viper or Corvette:shocked::shocked::shocked: :D :D :D


This is a starter set.............I have added about 30 feet of track to this so far. The track is around 7.75" wide............the course will be a road course with a hill climb.

This is the benchwork for the roadcourse which is being built even as we speak:thumb:


Just Got this Austin Martin DBR9 a couple days ago. It Will be running by Sunday!!

Getting old aint for Sissies!!! ;)
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