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 Posted: Sun Jan 18th, 2015 09:35 am
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High voltages alone are not the main problem. 
Combination of voltage & current yields power. 
That is the biggest issue I have when I think about the High Voltage sections in color TV sets. 
There are storage capacitors in those circuits, that will keep charge on them. 
Further, even when discharged, they want to charge back up, even with the power switched off. 
Some capacitors have a memory effect, whereby they remember and want to retain the voltage levels impressed upon them.

The units I looked at on eBay were exactly like the unit your photo showed. 
They clearly have 4 leads. 
Notice in your construction diagram that 4 wires are coming out from the ion generator module. 
I would suspect that one of the white output leads is tied to the DC ground. 
I haven't looked at data sheets for the 'oatley iona 2 ion generator', but I would suspect that it also has the same 4 leads.

You might try a search on your favorite search engine, with the part number of your ion generator & see what kind of information you find. 
I'm interested in DIYing one of these units, as I think the prices charged for ready to run units is excessive considering what is in them.
But I feel that way about lots of things in the model world. 
I model the Maine 2 footers in S scale. 
I have learned to build from scratch, because there's no choice if I want certain iconic features. 
They could be ordered from a custom builder, but I am retired and have much more time than money.

If there are specific questions you have, I'll do my best. 
I don't want to discourage you from building this.
Just recognize you're dealing with circuitry designed to do the same as shuffling across carpets & hitting a door knob or something else that is grounded. 
Your body WILL conduct electricity and sometimes you must have some respect for it.

Kent K
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