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 Posted: Mon Feb 16th, 2015 02:37 pm
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Correct Jose.

Watts, the correct measure of power available or consumed, are calculated as volts X amps.

The converter cannot be 100% efficient.

So the total available power has to be less.

But-- the converter is smaller than an additional cell if you want/need more voltage, A single, large as possible cell (misnamed battery, as a battery is a group of cells) eliminates the need for balance charging, if that is thought necessary

The linked converter has a led readout, the purpose for which isn't mentioned--I have to suspect that it reads output volts, and if so is something not needed for our purposes. In our needs, the voltage can be set by what performance is desired. I have seen on Fleabay converters that do not have the readout, which has to mean a smaller overall size, and less cost.

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