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 Posted: Tue Feb 17th, 2015 02:09 pm
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I have been using the Pololu converters to step up 2xAA to 3.7 V. One of the smaller ones (1.2 A input) got overloaded with a motor pulling about 700 mA and would shut down until I closed the throttle for a short time. No damage done though.

Most of these are rated for input current which is the output current times the ratio of output voltage/input voltage divided by the efficiency: in my case 700 mA * (3.7/2.4) /0.8 = 1.35 A input current. I switched to one of the 2A converters and it can handle the 700 mA output.

One of the benefits is that the output voltage stays constant until the battery is really exhausted.

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