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 Posted: Tue Feb 17th, 2015 05:23 pm
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The 80 - 90% efficiency means that 10 - 20% of the supplied current is dissipated as heat. Some of the ads you will notice offer ''heat sinks''. These keep the chip cooler and in marginal cases may eliminate thermal shut down.
You don't need to buy their aluminum finned extrusion, as it takes up considerable space. Any piece of thin aluminum will help, and of course the larger the better. A coat of flat black helps to shed the heat also. Be sure to put some heat conducting paste between the chip and the aluminum, what ever size you use, Beer and soda cans are a good source, and can be cut with scissors once the can is disassembled to a size dictated by the space available. Sand both sides of the metal (the inside has a clear coating) before painting with the flat black, and leave the section that will contact the chip bare, excepy for the heat compound.

Various size quantities, this is the smallest (and cheapest) at the present time on Ebay 

Strictly speaking this isn't necessary, but a cool chip is a happy chip.



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