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 Posted: Thu Feb 19th, 2015 05:51 am
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So getting back to the step up converters, I specifically want one for my Baldwin Tram motor, currently I use a 3 cell 6.8ah Lipo battery which gives me 9.9v but performance is not flash especially at slow speeds so I made up a 4 cell Lipo 2.2ah battery and that gives me 13.2V and the improvement is amazing but its too tight inside and 2.2ah gives me about a 45min run so one of these step up contrivances will fit in and will let me up the voltage from 9.9 to 12-13 V and let me get it all under the boiler, so to speak....

My electric cars (all use the same crappy Bachmann motor block) seem happy at 13.8 v but because the power supply is "intermittent" due to imperfect contact with the trolley wire and the rails I use one of these 1F "super Capacitors" across the Rx power bus to keep the Rx "alive". Its very realistic to have the headlights flickering but the Rx needs constant power, if it dies everything stop until it finds the signal again. The BEC on the ESC keeps it charged and it smooths out the supply of dc to the Rx...

I have probably explained this elsewhere (maybe in the RC section)...

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