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 Posted: Thu Feb 19th, 2015 11:49 pm
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Herb Kephart wrote:

Thanks for the info on heat radiation! Very interesting that grit blasting made such a difference--

Reminded me of all the motorcycle cylinders that I painted black, thinking that I was doing the right thing.


The coarser the grit blast the more surface area too but as you may remember to original VW beetle with the engine block that split horizontally and were air cooled and it only took a few drops of oil to leak around the joint and dust and grunge would accumulate and next thing the engine would seize....
Then there is the black car/ white car debate and black cars get hotter in the sun yes of course they do. We also busted that myth, the black car heats up a hell of a lot more quickly but gets to a point where it re radiates the heat faster than the white car which actually gets hotter than the black car but because its white the general public believe thats they are cooler on a summers day...
Black and white cars also get dirty at the same rate but the black car shows the dirt whereas the white car hides it...

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