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 Posted: Tue Feb 24th, 2015 10:14 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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Ore Smelter

I have been making a bunch of mockups of mines and now need a smelter to send my ore to.

Really good information has been hard to find.

NGSL-G had an article in the May / June 1983 issue called "Smelters" by George Konrad. The article had drawings for what it called a "Rectangular Smelter" or "Blast Furnace". The article also had a building side view scale drawing of a typical "imagineered" smelter layout.

I scaled the drawing for HO and made a card stock mockup of the smelter and the building. You can see the drawing on some of my the pictures of the card stock mockup. I only had a side view so I had to guess at the building width. The article has pictures of three different smelters, one from Blackhawk, one from Leadville and one from Durango.



The building was made to load the ore along the top of the short side of the roof. Notice the arrow pointing toward the hopper inside the top left of the building. Copying this feature could allow me to reduce the number of storage bins outside the building for the fuel, ore and flux or limestone. It would also allow me to reduce the size of the building and build it into the side of a hill and run tracks along what would become the top backside of the building.



One example of a smelter that had a model made from the prototype is the Raggs to Riches Rose-Walsh Smelter kit in HO. The web site has many good illustrations of the smelter kit buildings and one picture of the prototype that was in Silverton, Co. The prototype was built in 1894. I bought one of these kits when they came out a couple years ago. It needed a bigger space then I had at the time so it has stayed in its box. I like the design of the prototype and may try and compress the building to fit a smaller spot.

Whatever I decide I expect to make several more smelters mockups.

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