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 Posted: Thu Feb 26th, 2015 04:29 pm
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Bill Fornshell

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Hi Woodie,

Thanks for your comment.

I looked at the Smelter drawing Keith post but couldn't really tell much about. I was going to ask him for more information but decide to do some searching on my own. I will be waiting to see how yours turns out.

The one I am building is smaller and I guess somewhat more compressed then most of the ones I have pictures of. In its current version it has a footprint of about 20" by 11".

As for the McKeen Motor Car, long ago John Wayne was in a movie called "The War Wagon". I thought about that movie and decide one or more of my McKeen Motor Cars might work as armored ore carriers. I might even make a McKeen Motor Car, shot-up, and in a ditch somewhere on the layout as a result of a robbery attempt.

I found this old Trailer posted on youtube for the movie:

I looked for the movie on Netflix but didn't find it. Then looked on ITunes and they list it in SD for $2.99. I am loading now so I can watch it again.

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