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 Posted: Sun Mar 1st, 2015 04:00 pm
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THE GILPIN TRAM by Hollenback is one of the rare things that many Gilpin Tram lovers probably don't have. Back when I lived in Denver (about 1969), I stopped by the Denver Public Library on a snowy day to visit their Western History Collection. I was just wanting to spend some time looking at narrow gauge books instead of going to work in the snow. I found this little book and was really enthralled! I don't believe Ferrell or anybody else (except for some articles) had written about this wonderful little 2 footer. I thought about this book over the years while I bought the published works from "mainstream" sources. It was a nice memory. Then one day about a year ago, I remembered it and checked ABE bookseller to see if by chance a copy was around. WOW...some dude in Australia had one and while I needed the money to pay the bills, I bought it. When it arrived, I was amazed that here was a book about a Colorado railroad with a rubber stamped owner from New Mexico sold by a guy across the world and I was in Dallas! What a much loved and well traveled book it is!

64 pages and just 9" by 6" and full of neat photos and even drawings of the GT rolling stock (later shown in the large Gilpin Era book). Written by Frank R. Hollenback, published by Sage Books in Denver back in 1958, I assume that this is the ONLY printing and it is surely the "star" of my collection. What can I say about this one...sure it ain't the big historical and photographic work of later publications but it is my most memorable and prized book...and I have a bunch of narrow gauge books!

I don't know if you can find a copy but for anybody who wants and needs the research about this most famous Western 2 footer, it is worth the search. As you can guess, I would sell all my books if I needed to but this I will carry with me no matter what.


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