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 Posted: Tue Mar 3rd, 2015 04:12 am
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dan3192 wrote:

A:  No.  The battery pack is intentionally built without a PCB.  Contrary to popular belief, a PCB does more harm than good to a battery pack.  A PCB prevents the battery pack to be balanced.  All lithium battery goes out of balance as the batteries age, there is no exception.
Not necessarily so. Some LiPo packs ( the dreaded) Blue ones have a small pcb on each cell which some how ensures that each cell is charged individually and also prevents voltage dropping too low ie under 3V.
These "batteries" are not equipped for balance charging and the suppliers claim the internal electronics takes care of it....
I have taken the outer packing off to gain some space and an electronics guru after he had looked at the chips on the boards and sussed out the circuit gave me the news that all protection boards are not the same, these aer the batteries to which I refer;

they can be got in an assortment of A/H ratings that are not as generous as advertised....

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