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 Posted: Tue Mar 31st, 2015 02:58 pm
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I have been building train layouts, narrow gauge in particular, for many years and it has never occured to me that I need a track plan before I lay any rail! Lately, I have seen a great many threads (not just here on FR) that start out with track plans showing locations of proposed scenic and structural elements and even wiring diagrams (not needed in my world)...sometimes wonderful artistic sketches of what it will look like when "finished". And then...nothing! Maybe some modelers get their satisfaction planning and the execution of the plans is way down the list. It could be that changing circumstances force "well laid plans" to disappear. Of course the wife or "significant other" nixes the plan when they discover the living room will be filled with tracks and junk. Whatever it is, I may be immune to the malady. Is it really important to have a design or designs as a guide before ties are cut?

Oh yes, I have an "idea" in mind for whatever space I am thinking of wasting on a layout but track designing is something that I never seem to get done. I have "painted myself into a corner" before with some grand thought that won't translate into real rail and spikes but mostly things just seem to work out better for me if I just start laying track and see what happens! Am I alone in this? Do I need counciling? Does it really matter?

OK I wrong for doing things this way or are there others out there who, like me, just jump in and hope the water is deep enough?

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