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 Posted: Tue Mar 31st, 2015 05:37 pm
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I did an amazing amout of planning on my layout before I finally started sawing lumber and getting nails.
I could never come up with a track plan which suited me, which of course prevented me from going much of anywhere. Then, a pal of mine took notes on what I had in mind, and in two hours made more progress than i had in two years:

The problem was, he was thinking of HO sctructures and clearnaces. Once I built the benchwork and laid it on the ground, I realized we'd made a horrible mistake. One aisle was incredibly tight. I'd built it in sections so I didn't realize it until it was too late. My wife had an idea to cut one end out of the 'U' shaped section in the middle and rotate that a few degrees. It worked okay:

The problem then was the track plan we'd had went out the window for the center section. So, with the track plan as a guide, we proceeded until I got what I still feel was a good balance between the original dream and the reality:

Still lacking scenery, but this is almost a complete shot of the layout overall:

My point is that without the original track plan, I really doubt I'd have gotten a good balance.
The biggest problem I had with going with a open table, I didn't built in any potential for a creek to cross with any bridges. If I had any regrets for the build, that's the biggest one.
But without the flexibility during the track laying, I doubt I'd have a plan that suits me as much as this one now does...

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