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 Posted: Tue Mar 31st, 2015 06:19 pm
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W C Greene wrote:
I will relate one story. A good friend has been planning his dream layout for several years, he has CAD drawings of the track plan, benchwork, even the stud locations within the room he intends to use. Years it has been. I do feel sorry for him since he is getting older and that "dream" may be just that. A dream on paper and computer bytes. I'll do you one better; I met a guy when I was 14, who had a track plan for his dream layout and he's been tweaking it ever since on paper, only willing to start the build until it's "exactly" what he has in mind.
Did I mention that I'm 45 years old now? :sad:
That's right, it's been over 30 years and it's never progressed beyond paper.
Now, I took a crazy amount of time myself between dedicating myself to a On30 layout and cutting lumber. But I was never able to get a track plan I liked on my own. Once I had one, I was cutting lumber within a few months. My layout consisted of a track plan, stacks of lumber and boxes of rolling stock at the end of July of last year, and you see how far I've gotten as the photo in my last post here was taken last week. I'm only lacking scenery and the skirts now. The guy who created the first track plan and helped me with all the track and wiring reminded me recently that I've gotten further in 6 months than many people get in that many years (or more).
Like you, I have no idea how someone can have a plan they like and not proceed with the build. It'd kill me to get that part figured out and then do nothing with it.

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