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 Posted: Thu May 14th, 2015 10:25 pm
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The wife unit goes up to Regina, Saskatchewan (Canuckada) to visit her daughter next week for five or six days. I might extend my "retirement" until she comes back which could mean I get some significant track put down. :)

Ever heard of pecan oil? Essentially it is an oil extracted from pressed pecans. I have about half a dozen mature pecan trees in my backyard as well as a massive laurel oak, a few post oaks, a handful of silver maples, redbud trees of various sizes, a few red cedars and an old apple tree. Or I do until a tornado rips it all out deposits it between here and Kansas. ;)

As I've been working on the layout I've been contemplating the "reason" for the BS (aside from my just liking model trains). Typically many modelers playing with narrow gauge trains are into some sort of mining operation. Being me... I desired something different. That's where pecan oil fits into the grand scheme of things. The BS's primary revenue source will be the Sciurus Carolinensis Pecan Company. It will be located at the foot of the pecan tree centered in the middle of the north loop of the BS. BTW, some research online shows that a liter of pecan oil runs about $25-$30USD. And I let the squirrels have it all each fall. :Crazy:

In my mind's eye, an short string of three or four small tank cars are shuttled in and out of SCPCo. during an operating session and brought down to the siding beside the patio (need to think of names for towns and geographical features). From there the product is unloaded to be shipped to the fictional big world beyond the land of BS to be used by fine culinary establishments the world over. Empty tank cars are returned to the SCPCo. to be refilled. An occasional boxcar could make the round as well bringing in supplies or machinery used to pick the pecans and extract the oil. The beauty of the idea is that tank cars look the same empty or full, unlike a skip or gondola filled with rocks.

That's the preliminary basis of the BS existing. Subject to change of course. And improvement. Nothing fancy or convoluted like a mining operation.

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