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 Posted: Fri May 22nd, 2015 12:57 pm
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Fellers, I've been working on the railroad. ♫

Began with a quick trip to the big box hardware store to pick up some lumber for tie material. After about an hour of running boards through my table saw I had a container fairly filled with ties.

As it was a sunny day for once (with all the rain we've had lately I'm beginning to feel like I live in the UK.... lol) I began putting some track together.

I also worked on improving the appearance of my temporary bridge. Added some sides to it to widen it out to just beyond the width of the ties. Nailed down a stringer along both sides on top of the ties and then after masking it, gave it a few coats of rattle can black paint to give the impression of a steel girder bridge. When the paint dried added ballast to finish it off.

Since I was up early yesterday to take the wife unit to the airport for her visit to Canuckada I only managed the one additional section of track and the bridge before calling it a day.

Rain moved in again this morning. Gives me a chance to put together some more track.

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