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 Posted: Mon May 25th, 2015 09:27 pm
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In spite of a steady rainfall this afternoon, the BS trackgang of me pushed on with the laying of track. My persistence paid off when the final section was jockeyed into position and the last four rail joiners were slid into place completing the Backyard & Southern Railroads mainline loop.

Eschewing the time honored tradition of hammering in a final "golden spike", a much more down to earth praxis was observed with a toast of recent vint of Fireball whiskey. Management, quite impressed by their sole employee's persistence of seventeen days of intense labor including scouting out a worthy location, surveying the area and prepping terra firma and installing approximately one-hundred 1:1 actual feet of 1:13.7 scale two-foot narrow gauge, graciously gave the entire bottle of Fireball to it's valued employee and the following day off to sleep it off if necessary.

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