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 Posted: Fri Jun 12th, 2015 08:53 pm
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Good question Herb.

I have always been a bit puzzled by the actual Hp because, measuring the fall (approx but near eneough correct) on the penstock from the reservoir to the rotor jet and applying the formula I found in an old textbook, the answer comes out at no more than 5 Hp max.

When I restored the Turgo, 1995, I was almost sure it wouldn't start the stamps without some barring over but it never faltered on throwing the stamp's clutch -  but they are only a fairly light 4 head set.  According to winder operator winding 3/4 ton up about a 23% grade (+- a bit) at about 3-4 mph doesn't trouble it at all, even with me man-riding on top of the tram !. It will even stamp & wind together !!.

I reckon that lot together would stop a 5 Hp Briggs&Stratton dead.

I ain't no mathematicalician but I think I applied the formula the 'right way up', maybe t'formulas wrong ?.

Regards,   Pysorarse - maybe that should be Pythagorass ?, or Pythagopras

--- like I said, I ain't no NumberMagician

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