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 Posted: Sun Jul 5th, 2015 08:39 pm
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Ray and Charles......THANK YOU !!!

BLRY is a tourist line and most would not think of tourist lines providing much in the way of interesting switching however I find such is not always the case.

A few days back, I'd had the engine out on the work trestle south of the shed and needed to set the train up for a passenger run as guests were coming over. Pulling the engine through the shed, our roster was positioned as on the left side of the attached drawing.

For hauling our guests we needed things set up as shown on the right side: Engine then (passenger) gondola and finally, the caboose.
Take a look and see how you'd move things to get ready for guests. It's hard to read the small print on the drawing but note says the south lead has room for only one car OR one engine. Plenty of room on the (top) north lead.

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Modeling the EXPERIENCE of 2ft narrow gauge by REPLICATING the equipment.
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