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 Posted: Mon Jul 13th, 2015 09:58 pm
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avel wrote:
For the Davenport did you just use what you had on hand? Did you have a plan or just went with what looked appealing to the eye?

It looks really nice! Also like the track.

Yup, just used what I had on hand. The hood's cover is actually from a defunk laptop charger that I split apart. It's width was an exact match to the existing hood but provided about 1/2 inch more height than the stock, curved hood cover which helped with the appearance of upsizing the 1:20.3 base to 1:13.7. I tend to wing it with my ideas which I find more fun than trying to follow detailed plans. If it ain't fun it's not worth doing in my opinion.

Unfortunately the RailBoss ESC has taken to shutting down suddenly if I'm running the loco in forward above 75% throttle. Works fine at full throttle going in reverse. Not happy with this and am working on an alternative solution at this time as I'm in discussions with another SE modeler on another forum who, like myself, only wants simple forward/reverse/variable speed control. The RailBoss allows for directional lighting, momentum, horns, sound and the ability to keep running while the TX is off... things I really don't need or even want that runs up the cost of the product.

The track itself is still maintaining itself to the original alignment in spite of the fact that it was simply layed on the ground and covered with ballast. This works for my locale where frost heaving will never be an issue. I do occassionally use a small whisk broom to move dirt/sand from beside the track into the ballast itself which sort of acts like mortar. Other than when my two medium size dogs go to playfully chasing each other and kicking up ballast here and there, the track is fairly robust and doesn't move.

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