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 Posted: Sun Aug 2nd, 2015 05:31 pm
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Latest update:

The RailBoss system developed a snag. Seems that when running at anything above 75-80% throttle going forward would cause the esc to shut down abruptly. I would have to back the throttle down to 0% and allow the esc to reboot before starting forward again. This problem didn't occur when running in reverse.

An exchange of emails with the RailBoss' developer never rectified the problem although I have to give him kudos for attempting to resolve the issue. The last resort being to send the RailBoss to him to be tested for $25.

I figured I'd save the money and put it towards another option... that being the purchase of a ProBoat ESC which has the simple forward/reverse feature I want. I picked one up for $42.

Temporarily stuffed the ESC into the hood of the Davenport...

Dropped in the LiPo...

And shot a video of the test run...

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