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 Posted: Mon Oct 5th, 2015 07:13 pm
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Hi all,
I think it's time to update upon my activities. As you may know, the upper reaches of the garden have not yet been accessed by a permanent rail connection. So today a firm went in to do  the necessary digging and shovelling to prepare the ground for tracklaying. The container for the excavated soil could only be placed in the lower front next to the existing tracks. There's a distance of some 300' to be covered, all along the track that is already there. Normally they would have used a small caterpillar dumper, but it would have ruined the track. So I decided to make good use of the infrastructure and within 2 days, I sort of quick-and-dirty built a front-dump truck of the same capacity to roll along the rails. Providing access to the immediate worksite by rail proved to be some challenge, but I succeeded in doing so. See what it looks like:

That's the brakeable chassis I started with ( very important on a 6.5% grade! )

As I said, quick and dirty frame.

Married to the chassis.

The dumper in all its glory, takes four whellbarrow-fulls.

The rear side openes before..

you dump the whole contents.

Container access.

A moveable turntable to get the dumper from the main line to the container track.

It turns out like that..

And up to the destination.
Sorry, there's no load to show in the photos, was too busy getting all that stuff into the container.
Lo and behold, that contraption is bobbing!

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Regards, H.
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