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 Posted: Fri Oct 9th, 2015 09:50 am
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Hi all,
as it was too cumbersome to shovel all that dirt form the front into the back of the container, I devised a hydraulic lift in order to dump directly from top into it. Also I want to show you some photo of the lumber-tram-like operations during the excavations.

The track into the upper garden. You can see clearly where the temporary tracks are placed on the soil.

Upper end. One of the contractor's workers busy at filling the dumper.

The other one ( the daring type ) trundling downhill with a full load, some 250..350kg depending on how high the other filled it up. The brake lever is essential in this type of gravity operation!

The temporary ramp with climbing track. Once the guy came round the bend ( I feared he'd derail ) with such a speed that he rattled all the way up to the stop! Well, those people from the woods of Bulgaria have a different approach to safety sometimes...
A hydraulic hoist was put to good use.

before one could dump, some of the dirt had to be pushed out by shovel, as you have to lift the whole container which is hinged in front.

Regards, H.
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