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 Posted: Sun Dec 27th, 2015 07:09 pm
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Sean W


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Hey guys,

I'm really really chewing on the idea of building Iain Rice's 4x8 " Lilliput Logger " layout. It has everything I was wanting in a very compact and manageable layout. A engine service facility, a town, a logging area, a coal mine, a mill, steep grades (4%) and trestles, and even a pier! It really is incredible the amount of stuff he was able to tastefully cram into this layout! I'd be aiming at post WWII 40s era.

I'm curious tho, If someone could give me insight to what the Mill and Coal Mine would look like? The Mine is circled in Red and the Mill is circled in blue.

Id want the Mill to be able to receive and unload logs on skeleton cars, then use flat cars to export the finished lumber product from the mill to the pier for export. I think this might be a tall order for such a compact mill... :/

The mine is just a coal mine on the side of a hill. That should be much more simple to model. But some insight to a protoype that would work would still be appreciated!


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