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 Posted: Mon Jan 18th, 2016 06:52 am
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The Baldwins did come in 3 cylinder sizes; 9", 10" 11" so the larger sized ones were reasonably powerfull, tractive effort was the problem in street running with oil dripped all over the rails from leaking pommy cars etc. There is also the absurd claim that they could only do 20MPH, yeah well speeds well in excess of that were commonplace hence the expresssion "to shoot through like a Bondi Tram"....
Bombo, Byron Bay and a logging tramway in Gippsland also had retired baldwins... When I was goingb to High School 2 trailers were found behind a House in Janalli and that created a stir getting them out...
Check out the load behind 101A when it was being used to help build the Captains Flat line; they went to all sorts of weird places and the Parramatta shed had motors in it in 1952 which everyone says is not true but I have a photo somewhere of me as a little kid outside the Parramatta shed in front of a Motor with my dad and grandad. The guy who is the Sydney Ferries Historian claims that though the line ceased operations in 1943 by Sydney Ferries Meggits continued to use the tramway for their produce till 1953.... Dad used to help Max Dupain as a kid, Dupain kept boxes of his negs at Dads place at Bondi and it was among them the Negative was found, and guess what its 103A we are standing in front of which now is still running at Valley Heights.... Small world?

I have had some interesting discussions with a few Experts re running these on mainline railways and the stories re the tyre profiles. The motors and trailers that worked the Cronulla - Sutherland line seem from the pictures to indeed have deeper flanges than the motors used on the suburban lines... The Cronulla motors had both air and vacuum brakes and they used to haul a "mixed" consist for Sutherland to Shelly Beach and had to have had railway profile tyres as they used to travel on the mainline to Sydney for major overhauls. The armchair experst actually can produce the "special regulations" for such journeys....

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