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 Posted: Mon Jan 18th, 2016 09:59 pm
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Kitbash0n30 wrote:
oztrainz wrote: Hi Trev,
Yes that is a pretty impressive load on 101A If you say 15 tons/wagon, then you are looking at a 150 tons plus load, probably closer to 200 tons being moved by a light 0-4-0 locomotive.
Well, let's have a look at a reprint of an H. K. Porter catalog from early to early/mid 1900s.
Pages 114 and 115, a little 8x14 cylinder size, 26 inch drivers, plantation style 0-4-0 side tanker with 24,000 lbs weight in working order and 4,680 lbs tractive effort
Rated 705 tons on absolute level.
Just 270 tons on a 1/2% grade.
Merely 85 tons on 2% grade.

Which would seem reasonable... The tractive effort was the catch though, so many stories of Motors slipping on grades it must be at least partially true... The "Miranda Hill" Was notorious as were the descents to the eastern suburbs beaches where 1:10 grades were common....There were much steeper grades 1:8 to Balmain Wharf where the infamous Dummy used to work and Bellvue Hill, thats even a challenge for a car let alone an antique tram....
I'll have to check up the specs for the Baldwins, I have them in my totally disorganised archives along with the drawings....

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