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 Posted: Sat Feb 13th, 2016 06:41 am
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Dan Abbott & Dell A. McCoy wrote this epic a few years back and I believe that all with an interest in the Colorado 2 footer NEEDS this book in their library. Published by SUNDANCE PUBLICATIONS in 2009, this one is a real keeper and has the "straight dope" on this fascinating little railroad. From 1886 to 1917, it hauled many a ton of gold & silver ore from the mines above Central City & Blackhawk, CO. With the popularity of Kieth Pashina's Gilpin thread here on Freerails, I thought I'd write something on this book. I have several books and articles (some by Kieth) about the GT and the railroad has been a favorite of mine since my teen years, just a few years ago. I'm just 67 now.
This 416 page tome has all you will want on the Gilpin. Photos, plans, words, EVERYTHING. I don't know how much this book fetches now or if it can be bought but find one if you can.
Shays, mines, mountains, and even a connection with the 3 foot gauge Colorado Central (later C&S)...what more could a narrow gauge lover want?
In my case, the first 2 GT lokies were sold to the Silver City NG and Lima provided parts for the SC's Ore cars which were similar to Gilpin's cars.
It took a long time for the authors to gather all this info and photos and it shows in the quality of this book. Of course, SUNDANCE publishes some first rate material, they are one of the premier railroad book sellers.

GET THIS BOOK, you won't be sorry...just sorry if you let a copy get past you!


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