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 Posted: Mon Feb 22nd, 2016 08:22 pm
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Here's another book that must be owned by any narrow-gauger with an interest in western US and Mexico mining. And it has a particular interest to this will be told in a bit. Freerails contributor Duane Ericson spins the stories of power, revolution, and rails set less than 56.5 inches apart. This is his second book, the first being Silver City Narrow Gauge, my copy is almost worn out as this one looks to be going that same direction also.
What interesting railroads are described in this book, a 2 footer and several 3 foot lines...all just beyond the southern border of the US. And the tales of corrupt government officials, shady stock deals, Pancho Villa, Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge X1 diesel, and my "connection"-Col. W C Greene (probably not my ancestor?).
It's all here and much more. The photos are fantastic and the reading is easy, not some dry old historical account, but Duane has a "way with words" which bring these stories to life. Yes, I love this book!
Duane also did the cover art (as with his earlier book) and several of his works are used as chapter beginnings. My favorite is the 2 foot Imuris Mines' little Porter 0-4-4t but the rest are worthy of hanging on anybody's wall.
This book is in softcover only (I believe) and is probably out of print but is worth matter the cost.
My copy was signed and dedicated to "the other W C Greene". See, I was famous long before I was born. Or maybe that should be infamous!


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