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 Posted: Tue Mar 22nd, 2016 09:06 pm
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I'm O-scale, but I figure this would apply to all scales.

I know there's adjustments for the Deltang Rx65x (RCS of Australia ALPHA3v2) concerning Inertia, but I guess I'm really not sure how inertia works.

From the v611 features/instructions, inertia/soft start/momentum are the same thing?

Is there also an adjustment in the transmitters (I use the RCS Tx3 and Tx7k)?  I don;t think so but thought I'd ask.

What can I expect to see when the engine/train starts to move or starts to stop if inertia is changed?

What about inertia in a 0-6-0 switcher that doesn't get over a certain speed most of the time anyway?

Most, if not all, of my engines (steam and diesel) have flywheels on them also, so what effect would the flywheel AND inertia have together?

Would inertia help an engine that has poor-fair-good-excellent gearing?

Would inertia help a larger engine more than a smaller engine?

The v611 instructions indicate there's "immediate" to "8 seconds", is that a delay time or is the speed gradually ramped up during that 8 seconds?

I suppose the best way is to try it and see, but I thought I'd drink from this vast well of knowledge first :thumb:


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