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 Posted: Wed Mar 23rd, 2016 12:42 pm
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Bob, I expect models to have a much higher power to weight ratio than full size trains so can benefit from some electronic aids...

1. The Inertia setting in the Rx does what I expect a flywheel to do which is to dampen speed changes in a short timescale. If you have both then both are having an effect.

2. The Inertia control on the Tx simulates train 'mass' which slows down speed changes over a larger timescale (up to 1 minute with center off motor control). The instructions for your product will tell you if you have this control.

3. BEMF reduces the need for operator skill/finess to control stiction and wheelslip. My Rx do not have BEMF but do have a minimum start power setting which perhaps falls into this category.
Regards, David.

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