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 Posted: Wed Mar 23rd, 2016 02:53 pm
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Thanks guys :2t:

So changing the Inertia setting causes the speed to ramp up/down in a 0 to 8 second time frame.

The MIN voltage (Start Power) setting can be set so there's 0 to MAX volts on the motor as soon as it is turned on.

The reason I'm asking is I have 1 or 2 engines where I have to turn the throttle knob almost 40 degrees to get the engine to move, and at that point it suddenly starts moving, quicker than I would like. My other engines (different brand than the 2 in question) start to move at around 20 degrees of turn of the knob.

It may be due to some binding (in which case changing settings probably won't help) and I'll take a look into that. It could also be the gear ratio, my engines with higher ratios (like my Williams brass 4-8-4, 43:1) start off smoothly with a very small turn of the knob.

I may want to change the MIN start voltage first, then play with the Inertia setting.

The 2 engines in question have their engines mounted at an angle with the engine mount screwed to the chassis. The screws may be too tight and causing binding between the gear/worm on the motor shaft and the gearbox. I may loosen them up a bit first and see what happens.


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