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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 04:42 am
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After more research, there should still be ruins on the mountain from Pardee, the Iron Mountain Mine, and the railway.  Here are a couple of links that provides information

Ghost Towns <-- Shows a couple photos of the ore bin, but the story line is not accurate.

Google Books  <-- An online preview of a book on Montana's Mining Ghost Towns.  Pardee is mentioned along with Louisville and Keystone, both are nearby.

And, after looking at the photos more closely, I've come to realize that the mill was fed by a large chute, and the trestle for the train was located several hundred feet up the mountain.  The first photo I listed which showed the mill had a large chute and a structure on a point that juts out from the mountain.  That appears to be the same rock formation that the trestle rests on as seen in the photo where the train was posed over the dump bins.  Tailings would have been dumped off the end of the trestle and safely away from the mill.

Also, while looking at the same photo, the train is most definitely 3 foot gauge and the words "Helena" are written on the side of the boiler.  Not only that, as I look through the photos it's apparent that there was a run-around somewhere on the line since the ore cars (and there couldn't have been more than a dozen ore cars) are seen both in front and behind the locomotive.  Engine facilities did not include a turntable or a wye, but did have a shop or engine house to service the locomotive and cars.

Other great news is that the weather is clear and hot(ish) for the next few days, so this south-facing gulch should be free of snow by Saturday.


James W.

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