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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 09:47 am
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I did just run across another piece of information that ties up the mine's story when the train was operational.  I've found the digitalized copy of the Mine Inspector's report from December 1st, 1897.  Page 33 and 34 has a paragraph that describes in great detail the Iron Mountain Mine and it's operations.  Here is the paragraph verbatim:

"Iron Mountain Mine, situated at Pardee, owned and operated by the Iron Mountain Mining Co.; Rob't Angus, Superintendent and Manager, Chas. Roat, Foreman.  Has employed in the past year seventy five miners and sixteen topmen [those that work on the surface] .  Operations are conducted through a tunnel 875 feet long, from which is sunk a two compartment shaft 1090 feet deep.  From the tunnel level to the surface is 700 feet, making the depth attained 1790 feet.  The mine is equipped with a 125 H.P.  Ledgerwood engine, 1 1-8 inch steel rope and double deck safety cage.  Tunnel sets and half sets is the system employed in timbering, though around the chutes and manways it has been found necessary to fill the space between the walls with timbers to keep them open.  The ore is silver and lead and is concentrated before shipping.  Ventilation is not good.  The management, anticipating closing down, allowed the air course and escape way to squeeze so badly that is was useless for either purpose.  The Iron Mountain Mine has been one of the most faithful producers in the State, yielding its wealth in dividend paying quantities for a long period of time, and is ready to continue doing so when the price of the metals will warrant the owners in expending a sum sufficient to equip the mine for future development."

--Annual Report of the Inspector of Mines in the State of Montana, December 1st, 1897.

Here is the link:  Annual Report of the Inspector of Mines in the State of Montana


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