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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 10:10 am
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I've also just dug into another historical record that lists the dividend paying mines in the area.  So here's some numbers that might give us an idea of how big and financially involved the mine was:

Iron Mountain Mine, Pardee Montana

Latest Quota n's per share:  0.85
Current value of Mine:  425,000
Number of shares: 500,000
Par value: 10
Capital Stock value: 5,000,000
Last Assessment date: not assessable
Assessment's per share: n/a
Number of assessments: n/a
total assessments to date: n/a
Last Dividend Date of Payment: Feb 23, 1891
Per share: 0.05
Number of Dividend: 5
Total dividend paid: 115,000

Considering I'm not a money-savvy person, I have no idea what most of this means other than that these all have to do with how much the mine is worth and how much money investors have made investing in the mine.  But these numbers do represent the mine in 1891, at the height of the mine's activity.

Here is the link to that document:

Financial and Mining Record Volume 30


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