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 Posted: Sun Apr 3rd, 2016 10:49 am
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While I have yet to find more photos, I have located and scanned the site from Google Maps.  Here are my findings:

This first image shows the lay of the land.  In the lower left corner is Superior which lies along the Clark Fork river and had both the Milwaukee Road and the Northern Pacific serving the town.  I-90 travels east-west through the valley.  North is pointed toward the top of the image.

This image is rotated to better fit the screen, with North pointing to the right.  The large white area in the left box is the ruins of the old mill.  The yellow line drawn between the boxes would be approximately where the train would have ran and the yellow box on the right being the location of the town site and mine.

This image focuses on the mill site.  The pile is likely the remains of the mine and if you look close, you can see the remains of the chute below the yellow line. It also appears that more buildings were built along the road headed up the creek.

On top of the knoll that juts out from the mountain base sits the old ore bin as seen in the picture that Woodie likes from the post with all the historical photos in it.  The yellow line shows the path the chute took downhill to the mine.  This structure is located uphill and slightly northeast of the mill site. 

Headed up the creek and around the side of the mountain I can clearly see the mine site.  It doesn't look like much structure survives, but the foundation (if you could call it a foundation) is still intact.  The town would be located to the right of the image, but there are too many trees to tell how much survives.

Looks like I'm about set to go find this place in-person!


James W.

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