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 Posted: Fri Apr 8th, 2016 10:04 am
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Okay, the weekend has finally come!  Tomorrow I will be getting some supplies on my list for exploring this town (which includes a measuring tape in excess of 50ft, tennis balls, SD card for the camera, and a yard stick).  The law is that I can't pick up or walk off with historical artifacts, but I can measure, take pictures, and plant objects nearby so long as I don't disturb the actual artifacts.

My plan here is to first find the site tomorrow, and then spend Saturday exploring the mill ruins, and whatever is left of the town.  I can use the tennis balls to mark the corners of a building footprint, and the tape will be used for measuring.  All this will be documented with pictures so that I can create a map of the area and compare my findings with the historical pictures.  This, thankfully, is possible due to a photographer who must have also thought the tramway was neat, since having around 10 photographs of a town back when the town was only 200 people and film was expensive is a very rare thing.

Wish me luck, this will be a long but exciting weekend.


James W.

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